• kanikasharma__ 9w

    You know what's the most beautiful thing about life ?
    Beautiful yet strange and scary !!!
    It's the unpredictability of it.

    One moment you think you've lost everything
    Another, you feel like being on the top of the world , rich of every single thing.

    One moment you feel like drifting apart from your dear ones
    You reckon that's it ! "Everything's changed, I've lost em, that's how life probably works"

    Another moment , boyaah !
    Meeting those loved ones again , talking same old shit , rewinding events together , laughing like crazy , sharing dark secrets...

    Makes you wonder that nothing has changed in fact.
    It's just the paucity of time making things complicated than they actually are.

    Distance doesn't matter much when the longing for each other is same from all sides. Love really finds a way no matter what the complications are.