• lanzhan 10w

    The waves are dancing while the moon sank its reflection on the sea
    The silence of the night echoed in my soul

    I couldn't forget the love
    How the beautiful face fascinated my heart

    As I looked at the sky .. counting the stars trying to give their lights in my eyes
    I felt someone looking at me
    So I turned my back
    Silhouette of the past
    Slowly walking towards me

    Without words..we sat on the sands
    Holding these sands and slowly let it slip through our hands
    As if we are looking for a precious treasure that was digged and hid

    The stern look and coldness never faded
    But have still gentle eyes that my heart pounder

    As we gazed things from the past
    That glanced us backed
    We smiled...
    As we walk away slowly from the place
    Our eyes locked..and in unison we said " Care for a cup of coffee".. so we laughed..