• aakankshadwivedi 51w


    It was 11 : 11 pm ...
    Auspicious thing
    Ask something for someone
    Angles whispered in ears ...

    I could have asked a life,
    where we share same nest
    where we make moments of love,
    where we teach our kids to walk,
    where we grow old as 'us' ...

    But those seconds ran so fast
    My thoughts barely managed to walk
    I smiled to myself
    And made my wish ...

    "May you have the love people dream,
    May happiness wake you up
    every morning
    with soft a soft kiss,
    May you live your desires!"

    And it 11:12 then,
    I sit there
    staring the screen with
    Stars sparkling in eyes
    Smiling lips now a little bit swollen
    and wearing the color of blood ...
    Cheeks turned pink like twilight sky
    Could feel the warmth of skin ...
    Just a thought of
    spending a life with you
    Did something to me ...
    Something, you know what I mean!

    " I could have asked Angels
    To have you ...
    To have you forever by my side,
    May be next life,
    I will hold you tight
    Don't let you go anywhere
    This life, this whole life, I say
    For me your smile
    matters the most !"

    - Aakanksha