• riyaortiola 6w

    Everything in the universe is in its proper place. And in time, we revolve in sync, only ever interacting in the exact moment.

    It's like perfectly fitted clockwork pieces. Not one is insignificant, however small we think of ourselves.

    And at times we think we're drifting in this void of time and space -- when we think we're drowning in this vast universe -- we are in truth keeping our designated place. Until it's time to be somewhere else.

    All things would align into that intricate perfect tapestry. Nothing is really ever wasted, nor in vain.

    There is purpose and there is meaning, although, we might not understand it yet. But when we get to where and when we were meant to be, everything that had been, would make more sense.

    And we would realize then, what we had doing all this time, is waiting for the perfect moment to collide.


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