• blackcasper 6w

    Morning guys still continuing my streak of free writing throughout the week #free #write #happy

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    I’m almost there
    I’m almost there
    Just a few more steps
    I’ll crawl if I have to
    But I can’t stop now
    Gotta keep moving
    Keep grooving
    For the future
    For the music
    If you ever wonder where I find the time to write
    It’s usually on the bus
    On my way to work
    A place I don’t hate
    But don’t love either
    Not cause of the students but cause of the people
    Who have no dreams no lives
    Just doing a job for the rest of their lives
    Just doing a job for the rest of their lives
    Something I can never see myself doing for a long time
    But I’m not here to write about that
    I’m here to right about how happy I am
    I completed my to do list
    And today I have my lessons at 5
    While I teach my students lessons at Rise
    I lovin’ it
    My Soul free as the breeze
    I love everything that brings peace
    Peace like a budding flower in the ripe of spring
    Book is almost finish
    Book is almost finish
    & I Already have plans for others one
    And that’s the problem !
    That’s my problem, finish !!!!
    Finish the race
    Fuck the fast start it’s about the long haul
    There is fine ass neighbors way out my league
    She’s a Nubian Queen
    With an ass too big for me
    Yeah an ass too big for me
    Anywho anyhow
    One day she look at me with a smile
    Cause I’ll be something worthwhile
    Am I a man or a boy
    Male or female neither
    I’m the X&Y
    Lol whatever that means
    Identifying myself as the soul within
    And who is this soul
    At the moment a ghosts lost in times
    Bold in appearance
    Quiet in speech
    Only attracting those who can actually see me
    The real me
    And not the body who carries thy