• pcbrooklynerye 31w

    Don't call me

    Don't you call me when things don't go right
    Don't you call me when y'all have a fight
    Don't you call me to fill her spot for the night
    I can't remember the last time
    the words I love you fell from your mouth
    I can't remember the last time
    I felt your love on your lips
    I can't remember the last time
    I saw it in your eyes
    No I can't remember it
    not even the real meaning
    Don't you call me only when you are lonely
    Don't you call when I'm not the one you truly want
    To break my heart time and time again with your selfishness
    Don't call me anymore
    Not out of the blue
    Not to comfort you
    There's nothing left for you to take
    I was never the other woman
    I was 1st
    I was your wife
    That's what I was supposed to be but
    I always played second to your greedy eye
    Now I separate
    Myself from you
    There's nothing left between us
    So don't call me no more
    I don't even want to hear you beg
    Don't call me again
    You moved on while we were still together
    You replaced me
    You say you are happier without the burden of me in your life
    So let me be
    And don't call me