• menlem_veho 11w

    Defenestrate t'odd.

    Oh! On earth, All soul need comfy;
    No soul need dissonance.
    And to be in it;
    one needs to withdraw from wrong crowd.
    Or let's defenestrate some incompetent,
    it's no sin,
    Even on Heaven there'll be judgement day.
    Banish all the defective.
    Strain'ed and choose;
    There's legal'ed in thyself; Heaven too permit'ed.
    why choose, when known fallacious.
    Do what is ethical,
    Be equitable to thyself; do not buried within;
    Defenestrate the detectives by Strained.
    A breach with 'erratic expansion:
    Even in technological social sites, there's an excluded option.
    it's no one's delight to with be parlous bond;
    So dear pal, what else on earth thou wants?
    Be good , and you could be someone's selective choice...;
    Be one clear in someone's filtering
    For bandit are always unwelcome'ed.