• truths_left_unspoken 35w

    A letter for my mom

    Dear mom;
    You're the reason
    I know how to love
    Even when the world hates
    When I thought I was lost
    You took my hand and led me
    Through this thing we call life
    We walked together knowing
    All the hardships we would face
    You've shown me that you care
    Even when I felt that I was never needed
    And every time the world
    Would tear me down
    You built me up piece by piece
    And you've shown me how to be strong
    And even though I'm getting older
    And the world gets bigger
    I just want you to know
    That I'll never forget you
    One day we'll both look back into the past
    And reminisce the lives we've lived
    Knowing how much we've grown
    And I'll remember that look in your eyes
    You will always be the light
    That shines through my darkness
    And you always give me
    A reason to believe That
    As long as I don't give up
    There will always be a reason to love
    That's why I love you
    Your the best mom
    That anyone could ask for
    And so I write this to you
    And to all the mom's out there
    Whodo the best they can
    For whom they love
    Happy mother's day
    Your loving daughter,