• sentimental_thougts 5w

    Broken Inside

    When you feel so lonely and can't sleep at night,
    because everything gives you a fright.
    The pain and the sadness takes control,
    and once again you're all alone.
    The pain I feel is torturing.
    My life isn't really worth living.
    You keep living every day, hoping it might end someway.
    You go to sleep and pray to God,
    but it doesn't work... you're too stuck!

    All the tears cooped up inside,
    from all the lies that bleed you dry.
    Just one tear shows a million emotions.
    It's all mixed and with terror and devotion!
    I devote myself to acting happy,
    but at night when I'm all alone,
    somehow it all spills out
    when no one can see and no one can hear
    all of the pain and all of the fear.

    You go to sleep hoping you won't wake up,
    but when morning comes you have to keep going.
    It isn't easy and you can't say it is,
    until you know just how it feels.
    My soul is dying.
    Why do I keep trying?
    Nothing seems worth it anymore!
    I just want to be alone...

    This is from the heart of all my feelings and emotions,
    something I can't speak, but one day it'll all be over.
    And I will be that happy person I know I want to be.
    But just acting happy is too hard for me!