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    GENRE- Comedy, Drama

    Streaming On- Netflix

    Language- Hindi

    CAST- Abhishek Bachchan, Sanya Malhotra, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Pearle Maany, Rajkumar Rao, Rohit Saraf, Aditya Roy Kapoor.

    Directed by- Anurag Basu.

    Music- Background Score- Gaurav Godkhindi, Govind Vasant. Songs- Raghav Sachar.

    Release Date- 24th April, 2020.

    Plot- A dark comedy anthology, which was supposed to be center on unavoidable jeopardize of life. And has 4 different stories set in a quintessential Indian Metro.

    Review- As unpredictable as a game of Ludo itself is Anurag Basu’s (Ludo). It's Hands Down one of the best Bollywood films of 2020. 4 Divergent stories beautifully embedded into a single narrative. With four key players and one man, Sattu Bahiya (Pankaj Tripathi) a local gangster rolling the dice, Ludo is a crazy rollercoaster adventure with impressive performances. It's a Brilliant Dark comedy with Spellbinding writing & masterful direction by Anurag Basu. He is truly the King when it comes to making Anthology Films.

    All the characters are very interesting and the manner in which the different tracks intersect is totally unpredictable. Hence, despite the long length (150 minutes), it keeps you hooked. As the name suggests, it's exactly like a Ludo game, every character's (Dress and surroundings) is described as the colour of each Ludo house. A true cinephile will understand and get the gist of the film immediately.

    Dialogues are written very well. The Cinematography is visually stunning and beyond Amazing. The entire album of the film is Pure Gold. Each and every song is uniquely addictive and infused situationally, making it a sweet musical comedy-drama as the film progresses. There’s thrill, emotion, drama, humour, and romance tightly packed together with an absurd climax where the key players strive to survive. Abhishek Bachchan & Rajkummar Rao deliver exceptional performances, Pankaj Tripathi is hilarious and once again impresses us with his acting skills. The youngest member of the cast Inayat Verma as Mini is truly a revelation and will make you fall in love instantly.

    Since it's a Dark Comedy, there are a couple of adult scenes and a few cuss words so unfortunately, you can't watch this film with your family.


    l Fast paced Screenplay

    l Wacky Humour

    l Performances

    FINAL RATING- 8/10


    VERDICT- Overall, I’d say it is definitely something you should not miss at any cost. It has some amazing quirky elements, great songs, unique story, engaging screenplay and above all a brilliant ensemble cast delivering their best performances. Highly


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    Movie- Ludo
    Streaming on- Netflix
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