• fragilepen 5w

    I see dead people

    I see people
    But no one's around
    I hear voices
    Yet no one speaks
    I see long faces
    But not the reason why
    I see monsters
    Am I dreaming again?
    I see all this
    But my eyes are closed
    I see people
    Gathering around
    Their souls are wailing
    Their hearts grieving
    I hear their worries
    Echoing off their minds
    I see people
    People I've known
    Family and friends
    And even foes
    I see the scars
    Left on their heart
    I see them all
    For around me they've come
    They come with eulogies
    The come with flowers
    They come with emptiness
    They've come for closure
    I see people
    But I no longer live
    Their images dimmer
    I wail and scream
    My voices have failed
    Along with my heart
    My sight is gone
    I'm left in the dark
    Then all at once
    I felt a touch
    A hand so cold
    Filling me with life
    But this felt different
    I am somewhere else
    For all I can say
    I see dead people
    And I'm one of them