• amryjhn 9w


    Sometimes it's better to Be a passive observer rather than an active participant....
    Sometimes it's better to see above the horizon for wet drops,and near the grass roots for greenry..
    Sometimes it's better to leave the possibilities as might be these are not opportunities, just a challenge.
    Sometimes it's better to see the results rather then process.
    Sometimes an immediate pain is the reason of long lasting happiness.
    Sometimes it's better to remain invisible , like a river merged her identity in ocean ,or like a firefly loses its identity in light.
    Sometime for peace it's better to relinquish the chase of loved ones.
    Sometimes happiness hidden in sadness and grief in joy.
    Sometimes we are struggling with deafning silence and quite echo...
    Sometimes change of perception clears eyesight...
    Sometimes Oxymoron is life...