• __po8tri__ 10w


    I tell my daughter not to talk to strangers. Dont act wild in the store. Stay by my side it's not safe 

    Little does she know where I was in this place. The person it made me. The life I left behind. Walking in there today after its design had changed hit me. I had forgotten where I'd passed through to get where we are now. Who remained left still in my life and their significance. 

    I was a stranger here. To a life I had outgrown in my mind. Funny how our memory freezes time in such a deceptive way. I was here was etched somewhere underneath the paint, concrete, and walls. But only I remain in the hearts of those I I matter to still. 

    I talked today with my very best friend and said how much I gave but very little was still here except him. From 2 decades of work what really matters. 
    We are strangers to our own lives. All that matters is that little girl I gave birth to almost 4 yrs ago and those who hold together my heart.