• tinnytippoet 5w

    No captions or hashtags. I just want to see my kids live in a peaceful world. One where they don't see my same plights. One where they know my regrets, but one where they can forge their own path. A path that doesn't end to someone's hand or knees.

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    I see my children and their world

    They smile without my fear.
    My fear is their joy.
    I see their friends.
    Love without malice.
    Love without my regret.
    Their love is sincere.

    My kids and their friends live in a colorful world.
    One they are blind to.
    Their words hold true.
    Each character lets a window into their character.
    A world where our big blue beasts, sporting fancy copper suits, are treated and given respect.
    Respect they deserve for a job well done.
    A job that easily can take lives.

    My present is to them fear.
    My future to theirs is change.
    My past to theirs is regret.
    I have a dream where my sympathy is their empathy.