• cmcneilly6 30w

    Dear Mummy

    Dear Mummy, Thanks ever so much for my baby shower
    Although you know that in 5 weeks time you lose all power
    I promise I will be as quick as my grandmas second name
    It won't be like hide and seek, my favourite game
    I heard I'm doing well, I easedrop on all your calls
    I did blush when then scan lady complimented my balls
    It's very noisy there today must be loads of people there
    I'm getting worried though stop discussing the colour of my hair
    Who cares if I'm ginger, chubby or have a big nose
    Just be happy I'm not popping out with six toes
    I'm going to head back here and have a little sleep
    I'll try and be quiet and not make a peep
    Enjoy your day mummy and co.
    I love you all so much already and it'll only grow