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    Though it's a bit late, but not that much I guess. Our second edition is out and the feedback is quite heartwarming. To be honest, it's something beyond our imaginations and assumptions. I personally want to thank all the readers and contributors for showing their keen interest in this e-magazine. As I have mentioned in the e-mag as well, I would like to repeat it again that it's just a small initiative to provide writers with a platform free from any kind of discrimination and nepotism. And I am pretty sure y'all will be supporting this mediocre soul to move ahead.

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    Contributors of December E-mag

    Asifa Raza
    Anmol Fareed
    Ikram Ullah
    Nwabunike Chinedum
    Ammara Tabassum
    Mina Carki
    Unsa Bashir
    Binte Nadeem
    Swadha Singh
    Ashlee Shaikh
    Jeremy Grace
    M. Fatima
    Tarannum Sayyed
    Zahra Chawala
    Loubna abd allatif
    Aquib Bilal Khan
    Sudakshina Kataky
    Mayuri Patil
    Farid Ahmad
    Sneha Bagdiya
    Marquis Green
    Zahra (Iraq)
    Lubna Fareed
    Walyullah al-utrujje
    Anfal Zafar
    Azmi Saud
    Fatima Habiba
    Sidra Safdar Durrani
    Sareer Ali
    Hareem Ali
    Nusrat Fatima
    Tuffail Ahmad Nasir
    Ahmad Aleem
    Judge Singh Ghaafil
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