• ritvik_tuteja 5w

    The Peripatetic Fiery Girl

    A girl going solo, making the great
    Bundled with courage, confidence & calmness
    Amidst long water bodies & steepest cliffs
    Within a life queen size she thrives & lives
    A brief stinct of learning Spanish,
    Eventually did take her on a tour there
    Speaking calmly she is focused on the best living
    Passionate is she, focussed on fitness

    Having graduated from university of California
    In Chicago did she eventually see herself thriving
    Having an understanding of customer service
    She was prepared to excel in her prowess
    Very protective is she of her belongings & relations
    Always having the upper hand to make feel special
    A free soul loving to travel & live free
    Never shying away from the camera for pictures pretty

    Waking up to days & living the american dream
    She works hard to be part of creme de la creme
    Growing, progressing & driven to succeed
    She's unstoppable, greatness in the making