• zainalhaj 6w

    For my best friend ❤️

    There are some happy persons in this world who get caring friend like you & I'm one of those lucky people.
    I am thankful to Allah for what He has done for making my life beautiful.❤️

    May Allah keep you happy all through your life. May you be blessed with health & wealth of knowledge
    May you get strength & persistence to conquer hurdles in your life!!
    Best wishes for your special day!!

    My dear, Allah loves you very much.
    Always have hope and faith in him.
    He has blessed you with this life.
    It's your turn to make the best out of your life. Just set your goal in life & do the good things to achieve it.
    You're not only my friend but you're my soul sister.
    You have been a great help at times of my sadness.
    May Allah bless you with many pleasures of this dunya and
    May he give you in abundance his pleasures of aaqirah.

    It’s very hard to find true friends.
    I am fortunate to have you in my life.
    I want to thank Allah for sending you in my life & making our bond stronger and happier than ever.⛅
    Happy Birthday dear! Have a nice day!

    Thanks for being my friend
    You and Tarfu mean a lot to me.️
    I can't imagine how my life would be without u.✨
    In my tough times and in my good times, you have been a great help.❄️

    It was U who helped me realize my long forgotten dream

    I Know sometimes u feel sad & ur pillow knows your tears, but never lose hope my Friend, it will all end well InshaAllah ❤️❤️❤️

    Love you always.
    Please if I ever hurt you, forgive me.
    With Allah's kindness and generosity I have been blessed with good friends.☺️

    I wanted to tease you today, but I don't know...I didn't get into the mood for teasing.
    A few teases maybe ..

    I love that I can share with you my secrets & my blah blah blahs...
    I'm always thinking about you ( not always, you know I have a life too)

    You are the ❤️symbol of love for me.
    At tough times you became my ❤️back pack.

    If you smiled because of me, I'm happy.
    I think you're crying right now..SP..

    I miss you so much and hope you have a great day with your family and your bestieby your side.
    Thanks for loving the sweet me as well as the sour me.
    Hope you like my bakwasss...
    Best wishes for a happy and special day.