• little_sun 18w

    After we parted,
    my life started to crack
    unwilling to drag you into this messy hell now known as my life.
    I let you go,
    so you won't know
    of all those painful night where I clutch my hand over my heart holding that T-shirt of yours..begging for the pain to stop.
    of all those times when I sigh your name as if it would hold me on...
    of the times where I would stare at your pics wondering if what I'm doing is a mistake..
    of all those days,nights and every hours in between where I just wanted to hear you just one more time..
    of those times where I would stare at my healing wounds wondering how much you would have scolded and screamed at me if you would know.
    of those thoughts that seem to be consuming me slowly and slowly but surely
    I let you go,
    to keep you safe
    from all these people and painful place
    they made permanent bruises
    On the girl you loved
    In ways, that,
    she is no longer the same..