• fictoosh 30w

    That ONE Girl

    That one girl whom you saw,
    You thought she is nice,
    You wanted to be close at any price.
    But life is not fair,
    Closest you got was sitting beside her chair,
    Your heart then said its done,
    Then you saw another one.

    That one girl whom you liked,
    She was different from all,
    As if you received the heavenly call.
    You wanted to be more than friends,
    Tied all the lose ends.
    You expressed your feelings,
    But the Question? was she willing.
    Didnt she killed every hope?
    But you didnt choke,
    You said life has just begun,
    Then you started liking another one.

    That girl who loved you,
    She was the one but you had no clue.
    Wasn't the time with her amazing?
    Bt you felt she dint have any bling bling.
    She sweared all the oaths,
    But finally you drowned her boat.
    Friends you said,
    Never Wondered how she felt.
    You had nothing to mourn,
    Then u started loving the one u wanted to be your own.

    The girl whom you loved,
    You imagined as if you both were doves.
    You fought and stood for her,
    You often went nuts at her.
    You saw her grow beautiful,
    Soon she was going to fly everything was cool?
    She lived her life and she questioned everything,
    You found it surprising but you couldn’t stop her uprising.
    Lets not say that you were wrong,
    But you dont own her she became strong.
    You Let her go for she was determined,
    You Bade her goodbye even if ur world was whirling.
    You love her thats the thing that will never change,
    After that you never loved for what u got in exchange.