• bey5151 5w

    Lost in rain

    Thunderstorm rumbles up the mountain
    Crushed in my chest
    Lightning whip is so arrogant
    With his voice snapping at the earth

    And it rained like the cry of an angel
    Wailing and begging at my toes
    All drowned in a space of fear
    All were forced to shut up with only knees shaking

    No more cute little laughter
    No more engine noise pollution
    All silent surrender in the face of the storm
    Mud is now the ruler's graveyard for the dead

    Where did the dead man's laughter go that is now wrapped in silence?
    The sound of the drum of death embracing the hair of the sky
    That unraveled and then fell near my fate.
    My knees are so weak.
    My eyes are so bad looking for distance from you
    So far and so far from you
    All those symbols are useless.
    Very quiet silence in the dead
    Now the earth is laughing out loud
    After the sky cried heavily
    I'm just a dead body being a witness.