• afrataskeen_23 9w

    My poetry, world, YOU.

    I have drawn you in,
    My whispers and my whimpers,
    Words and tears,
    Sheets and empty spaces
    In my heart, on my mind.
    I have crafted and sensed you,
    Love you and loathed you,
    In my submission of love,
    It suffocates me,
    That parallel absence of warmth,
    We felt every night, don't tell me I am wrong.
    And selective voids that echoes your name
    From the wind out in the sky
    Into my heart,
    saying it's time to move on.

    My poetry is
    An uncanny resemblance
    Of my love for you.
    In the silences of the night I confess,
    Between random conversations,
    Your name that echoes,
    Like a whisper in my heart.
    Saying to hold on!
    This world vocalises opinions,
    Of my love for you
    But I guaranteed them of my trust in you.
    I can't dissolve you,
    Like whiskey and coke,
    And make a perfect blend to this life
    Cause it's never meant to this perfect,
    We always have to say goodbye.

    You were the most unexpected storm of my life
    You are the magic between stars
    Unnoticed and perplexed,
    Conflicted and scared and heartbroken
    With fire that burns in your heart
    You ignited a spark in my cold, dark world.
    We said no strings attached,
    And I got tied up in knots of love,
    Like the vowel of an exception
    Every single night I'm dancing with your ghost.
    These references I make
    Walk with me
    To feature you
    In my unsymmetrical emotions
    Where letting go feels more like holding on