• rebelpjones 23w

    Chaotic wizardry
    By RebelpJones

    Excruciating pain,
    Cause weakness in the body,
    But my mind continues to gain strength,
    The more I grow spiritually,
    When I write these pieces
    It travels in pieces
    physically through me,
    And sends feelings
    of passion and
    true wizardry
    in its rawest purity,
    And as I see it
    I paint it verbally,
    It's a priceless art
    so what's it worth to me,
    I tried to sell it
    once it wouldn't let me
    A magic so strong
    it's binded itself to me,
    Almost as if my creator
    assigned it to me,
    Aligned it to me
    to the extent that
    If removed it would
    be considered an
    amputation of a part
    of my physical being,
    My spirit and I
    An Unstoppable team
    Birthed from a
    chaotic dream
    a light and dark being,
    There's both in
    each one of us see,
    Only a selfish man
    would wish to be
    free of these
    growing opportunities,