• elly_e 5w

    And everyday,I'm slowly learning to understand a little more about forgiveness. How bitterness is so easy .That cruelty is our hearts and soul. I am slowly learning to see,that forgiveness is always hard at first . But that is really acknowledging it in our own way first. In asking it from ourselves through our own truth .I am slowly realizing ,that apologizing to ourselves is a story we all learn to believe with time on our side,that there is no necessary standard to the number of times we apologise to ourselves. That compassion is the way .Kindess is the lesson.And grace is the piece we find. I am slowly learning to accept ,how forgoing ourselves is what we teach ourselves along the stumbles and weariness on the road to freeing ourselves. And finally that,that it asks we believe in our future selves. To believe in the strength we muster from here on ,towards them softness we learn. To believe , with the realness of our heart,how life is about our overcomings rather than our shortcomings.That we are here ,with the ability to always carry the chance to be a better version of ourselves.
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