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    Hello everyone,I would like to share few things to mainly youth.(Who are mostly vulnerable to depression.)
    In this era, we are awefully supressed with every daily activities where we have to compete neck to neck round. The world is indeed on a fast mode towards modernism .
    Hence, more the modernism , more the stressed people around.
    Infact I am not a professional motivator but i am on the way towards motivating to the one who needs a bit of motivation.

    Basically I want everyone to not feel inferior .every individual is best in his or her own way . Infact I was always pessimistic .I convinced myself hard and started introspecting myself.
    And I must say ,I feel far better now.
    My main motive is to inspire you all and to let you all feel unique ,and bestest one.

    Each day learn new things.
    Remember no one can feel you inferior without your consent
    Follow your passion
    Try to make your journey of life a exhilarating one.
    'Just follow your Passion and that should be number one mission
    my main motive is to approach holistic Topic where we can discuss each and every topic.
    Let's strive for the best.

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    life is UNPRECEDENTED . APHOTIC TRUTH INDEED. SO LET'S make our journey of life a better and a bestest one.
    Let's strive for the best.