• samikhyadash 10w


    I feel Like a thirsty man
    Roaming in a desert
    Every part of my body aches
    I long for a drop of water
    I pray and pray
    My cravings rise
    A drop of water is all i desire
    My belly churns digging at its walls
    My tongue dry and parched
    I long for a drop
    A drop is all that i live for
    My legs are shaky
    Soon i will fall
    My hands trembling
    Give me a drop, that's all
    My vision are hazy now
    Nothing is clear anymore
    I think of oasis
    I dream of a sea shore...
    Quench my thirsty heart
    With a drop of love
    I don't desire more
    All i need is a drop
    Not to live but to die for...