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    (DISCLAIMER: I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone. This is a fictional work and it's a dark theme.)

    To set the context for you, it's about a girl who killed her friend because of her one sided love and her body is hidden behind a wall in a hallway. A part of her doesn't regret what she did because clearly she got away with it but we can see her conscience surfacing up. So through this image I want to show that we never really get away with the crimes we commit.

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    Horror of The Hallway

    I walked with confidence into the hallway,
    The hallway where I first saw you.
    It took me months to realise that I can't smile at you anymore,
    Because now our eyes don't meet each other.

    Whenever I walk past you my heart skips a beat,
    Now out of horror but once it was out of love.
    My face lost its color and my veins lost blood,
    You were there and I had to pretend you weren't.

    Your lips were coarse and not curled up like before,
    Your eyes sunken not as bright as before.
    You became thin and frail not as strong as before,
    Your face had no life not as alive as before.

    I tried to talk to you but you just said "let me go",
    My million questions and your silence continued.
    Then on your last breath our eyes met and it shattered my soul,
    You were long gone before you could beg me to let you stay.

    I still walk through that hallway trying to find a glimpse of you,
    Maybe we will meet again.
    I still see your silhouette,
    But in these lifeless walls I know our story is safe.