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    I don't understand, why people say not to have any expectations from anyone.
    Human can't lie to themselves, and even if they do, deep down they know that it's not true. Similar to this expectations are people's deepest desires. No matter how many times you ask yourself to not have any expectations, you keep thinking and craving for it just because it's your desire that you can't kill or let go easily.
    Another thought here is, why shouldn't one have any expectations from the person to whom they devoted themselves completely? Why shouldn't they expect from that person to reciprocate the way they feel?

    They say " You should treat people the way you want to be treated by them". So as far as I know... There's nothing wrong to have expectations. Wrong is to let those thoughts control you.

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    Out of all my happiness and joy...
    Somewhere, all the time,
    at the corner of the world
    I am craving to hear from you that you miss me.