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    Tale of a nyctophile��

    It's 2 o clock in the night
    I am still engaged in my own plight
    The stagnant darkness of the sky
    Makes my lost soul fly
    In ecstasy
    Which is beyond thy fantasy
    The moon and stars are friends
    Who shares promises and claims
    To turn the midnight
    to a beautiful sight

    The breeze entering through the balcony
    Makes me feel so cozy
    The nightingale in singing in that tall tree
    It's voice seems to be so free
    The roads are no longer noisy
    Making my eyes drowsy
    The planet seems to be deserted
    With the night turning me intoxicated
    By its serene grace
    For me Sleep is yet far at a distance...

    Writing after many days ...so correct me if any mistake are there ��

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