• vikashmishraa 10w


    I am a very scared person, you can say that my brain is like a void whose area varies according to activity. Since I am a scared person, I keep thinking about the challenges around me in a very serious way, to be honest, I realized what the real problem is why we have not any conclusion .
    I get upset about my existence many times, the biggest reason for my problem is to choose the path as written in our spiritual books, Sagun and Nirgun and our science also says the same one who believes in God There is another who also negates its possibilities, that is, we are not free to choose a third path, meaning we are stuck somewhere in a blackhole. If we look at it from this perspective, we do not believe in the presence of God, as far as I think we should look at the third format because the science which we believe could reach only 3 in 26 dimensions. And that too is fixed from the beginning and no one can give a clear answer on how to reach the 26 dimensions of spirituality, which means we have to look at a third format which gives us accurate information and whose concept is clear.
    Navin Mishra
    ©vikash mishra