• _uv_says 6w

    Real essence of enthusiasm

    Kick started the story from a dark room
    when tears could reap happiness too.
    Single cry partitioned life and doom
    then began the era of me and you.
    People and pains unknown
    just crawling around the area with grin.
    Hearing wondrous music of lullaby and retorting cooing tone
    thereby grasping every attention and finding kin.
    With no bias and judgements
    With eyes that shows only enthusiasm
    owning and showering contentment.
    As maturity hits hard making a chasm
    it taught the knowledge of right and wrong.
    The innocence and positive spirits are all gone.
    But remember to carry the child in you all along !
    Feel and protect it always.
    Hence ask the child the road to joy and enthusiasm
    And visualize the real essence of happiness in its eyes !