• wild_wings 30w

    Okay, before people start wondering, by, 'legend', I'm talking about my celebrity crush who I call that. So when I look at him, I also see my other crush at school because they both look alike. Just saying before y'all get confused. ������

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    I look at a legend, and also see... Him...
    His whole face that is handsome, and his body which is slim.

    Not too many people like him, and I don't care...
    I just wanna know, do we make a good pair?

    I know I keep asking,
    And I know I'm waiting hard,
    But I really like this dude,
    So could I just send him a card?

    Of course to say how much I like him,
    But will I seem too desperate?

    He will probably think, I'm too annoying.
    But really.. I'm not gonna stop trying...
    To give US up... To give US... A chance..