• thegreatpotato_ 9w

    Frozen heart

    "Warm on the outside, cold on the inside,
    If you get too close I'll shut you out,
    Shutting people out is what life's all about,
    You get broken all the time and you want to shout,
    But you keep that inside, till it makes you start to doubt,
    Maybe I'm being negative, maybe I'm in the wrong route,
    Aiming at my enemies with a gun, but I can't shoot,
    Guilt weighs down on me like a heavy metal iron boot,
    Life is climbing in a chimney and getting covered in soot,
    Maybe I was foolish to always end up trusting you,
    Maybe I'm so angry because I let you beat me black and blue,
    Maybe everything's always been about what you do,
    That there could be people that are out there that are like you too,
    Maybe I'm still thinking about all that I've been through,
    Trying to solve a puzzle without a piece or a single clue,
    You took me, set me free, and I stuck to you like wood glue,
    Made an oath, for us both, and you said it wasn't something you were into,
    Made me lie, for you, guy, but now I'm starting to unglue,
    Tear me apart, drew me art, now I've got a frozen heart."