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    It's 9th part of my travelogue..

    T͚O͚W͚A͚R͚D͚S͚ A͚M͚R͚I͚T͚S͚A͚R͚ A͚N͚D͚ J͚A͚M͚M͚U͚

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    First we took the initial offering ( हलवा) and went for लंगर..

    Before going there we drank water in the between..
    And I remember a boy was giving that in a big bowl..

    (The strange thing which I found was that he was giving water in bowl rather than glass..��)

    [ It's useless..��]


    [ Whatever you wrote before...not giving any relevant information..����]

    ( I thought it may have some logic or
    Traditional use..����)

    And washing it back..
    I don't remember but someone asked him..

    " तुम पढ़ाई नहीं करते"...

    So he said...

    "करते हैं पर रोज यहां कुछ वक्त के लिए आते हैं, अच्छा लगता है दूसरों की मदद करके...��

    Now you would be thinking what is लंगर..
    It's another name of public feast (भंडारा )

    Which happen there on the daily basis, selflessly to feed people..
    Some take it as offering and some find only this place as restaurant or home to fulfill their stomach..

    Selfless people working there...
    Daily they make feast for about 1000 to 2000 people..
    Without taking any worth..
    Available for the whole day...
    With quality and riched food...making sure of cleanliness and hygiene..��
    Helping needy people..��
    Irrespective of caste and all equal for everyone..

    It was all prohibited to dip your legs in the pool water as it was holy and it will make the water dirty,
    And a man was continuously mopping the stairs of the pool...

    We went there had the offerings, machines were there to make there work easy..
    Then we decided to went back to the dharmasala..
    And plan for the next place to visit...

    Tribute ���� I want to give a great tribute to those people working selflessly and continuously there. In order to maintain the cleanliness and purity of that holy place..��

    Starting from the tourist bus, dharmasala, people engaged in arrangements, cleanliness and most important spirituality of the temple..

    (Do you know which city is cleanest city of overall India...��)

    [ Yes..it's Indore....��]

    (Hmm and I was thinking if Amritsar is this much clean then what about Indore.....��)

    [ हां,‌ वो तो फिर स्वर्ग होगा..��]



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