• sarahjowhar 22w

    At some point I wondered if loving our spouses for the sake of Allah alone would make it a one sided relationship. But now I realize that was my ego talking. Asking me again, what's in it for me? It was about giving, and it was about sacrifice. And the reward could only be expected from the One we were serving. I couldn't expect my husband to complete me, neither could I complete him, because it was never possible for a human being to complete another human being. I knew that because if we could complete each other, we wouldn't need God. We wouldn't need anything else. Only God can complete us and our purpose. You know this because Hasbiallah, only His love can make you feel like it's enough, and you want nothing more. We could only find fulfillment in our relationships with our Creator. We both could only fill that emptiness of wanting more with His love.