• insidescoop 6w


    All my life I have had attachment issues.
    Ask my cousins they will tell you,
    All my life I had this feeling, that there was someone trying to leave me,
    Believe me,
    Feeling like this ain't easy.
    Especially when your 30 with
    2 kids,
    And a husband now.
    I get panicked every time they leave the house now,
    I pray to God they come back to me.
    God please protect my family
    Bring them back safely.
    I couldn't even enjoy my pregnancy both of them,
    My husband knows all about those nights I couldn't sleep,
    Hugging my belly,
    So afraid God was going to take them back from me.
    I even missed my big ol belly
    When it was gone
    Attached to anything that reaches my soul,
    Yeah You can laugh at that
    I know it sounds crazy
    But the beauty is that I'm finally learning to fall back
    No one wants to leave me hunny
    Especially when I do right.
    I am beautiful,
    I am a Queen,
    I own this castle,
    My family loves me
    There ain't no running away from this,
    I will enjoy this ride and whoever
    Deserves to be here.. will,
    And who ever doesn't,
    I'll let God steer the wheel.
    Cuz he's my father and as long as I believe in him,
    I shall never be alone
    I am not alone. . Neither are you.
    Let Go and let God take over
    He'll never abandon you.