• mrs_kets 10w


    Sunny days sometimes seem so distant,
    Despite the strength of the pain, nostalgia continues to fulfill the thoughts and prompt memories.
    Violence continues to fill the soul, bitterness seems inevitable ... the sudden drop.

    When will this deliverance of mind?
    Love has the power to rebuild everything and the Infinite cannot contain its power.
    It is like a breath course the cosmos and catches in his race the attentive souls.

    The abyss is the dome of my solitude, the world has forgotten my existence
    And left me only traces of this human journey.
    What Is Life? Just recall silences, unspoken, furtive moments of happiness.
    Recalling a vague existence.

    Breath of love turn around, catch me in your race and do not miss me ... This time , I promise , I'll be careful .