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    When does an ash just feel like dust ? #dust
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    My ash, a dust

    These are cold days and I needed some warmth, so what do I do ? I follow your recipe and make coffee, tastes perfect and yet I feel even colder. So what do I do next ? I cover myself with the blanket you gifted me and sit beside the fire and yet I feel even colder. I watch the fire burning and in it's light I see our memories and now it is getting colder. My body is shivering and I can almost here my teeth making that noise. Failing to comprehend what is happening I give up just like I did that night. My blanket falls off and coffee mug slips only to shatter into a million pieces, my head is down with the weight of the thoughts of that night. Remembering that moment a fire lit up in my chest and now I have started to feel the warmth. I gaze up at the fire and it has started to burn even more brighter. I see those memories burning and my shivering body finally stablises but my teeth they are still grinding and crushing. The fire lasted as long as those memories did and everything turned to ash. I laid my hand in the ash hoping it would burn and pain would help me get the warmth again but alas it was just dust. Plain old cold dust with nothing but regrets, slipping slowly away from my hands as I watch.