• anniesunsetyellows 10w

    Don't I look your ideal bride?
    With my khol-lined eyes and sweet rosy cheeks

    Won't I make your heart leap?
    With my perfectly pointed nose and ears adorned with strands of lovely pearls

    Or with my lips
    Thin and lush, untouched and awaiting

    So then, won't I make the standard bride?
    My hips don't lie
    The mirror can testify
    And if you still don't believe
    Then ask my flat tummy

    I'd ask you again
    If I still don't up the standard
    But my skin speaks volume than a thousand trumpets set on loose
    Spotless, flawless, soft to the touch
    You'd think I've just been born cos it's as smooth as a bouncy newly born

    Hair shiny and silky
    Scalp clear and rich
    Strands fluffy and jolly
    Awaiting your touch
    So they can thank you

    The red henna against my light skin
    A harsh contrast like the day and night
    Simply complimenting my skin as it brings out it's radiance all the more

    Are you still wondering if I make an ideal bride?
    I'll walk gently on the aisle, one foot over the other
    With my white fabric -the cotton, the tulle, the chiffon- all in one piece softly bouncing on the floor
    Or you want a sari? Or an ankara? Or a simple dress?

    I will wear whatever
    Make me your bride
    Or don't I still
    Look the ideal bride?