• moonlit_soul 10w


    There lived a girl,
    Reserved and quite.
    She was looking out her window,
    At the moon shining bright!

    She wished she could tell,
    What her lone heart hides.
    At night when no soul's awake,
    It silently cries.

    Afraid of reactions,
    To her confused emotions;
    She chose to hide,
    All her heart's commotion.

    Her fears, her insecurities,
    Bottled up within.
    Finally she decided,
    her thoughts needed expressing.

    Hopeful of feeling good,
    All her feelings whirling about;
    She started penning them,
    Letting them all out.

    She kept on writing,
    The clock ticking away...
    Soon it was dawn,
    Time for the sun's first ray.

    Halting she looked up,
    with a smile on her face;
    A poetess was born,
    Along with a day of grace!