• _riggy_ 5w

    I was born sick to parents that wouldn’t acknowledge it or take care of me properly. They told no one.

    I lived in and out of hospitals on steroids and breathing treatments.

    They kept my real diagnosis a secret and called it “asthma,” and even this wasn’t cared for and my needs weren’t met.

    A dirty house, was only the start. And if us kids didn’t clean it wasn’t getting done.

    I would like be consistently breaking bones and spraining limbs. My mom called me careless and sometimes would wait days to seek medical care.

    She keep me in a convenient bubble for herself - no activities like recess and sports - cause of asthma, I wasn’t loud to go or do anything outside the house.

    The abuse was beyond this but I won’t get into that .

    I would write poems and story’s to pass the time. Once a teen I started running away - from being my mothers slave, as well as I just wanted to breath.

    My mom kept my real illnesses aside and all anyone knew was I had chronic asthma- I wish that was just the case.

    I m not sure how I survived or how I survived the rare disease I got in my 20’s as well or the health issues i got as the after math of it.

    But if I can survive my moms verbal abuse and unnecessary medical abuse and my father’s sexual abuse I pretty much can do anything

    And I do ... I am actually being treated for my real health problems and I’m going to be just fine.

    And now that they are out of my life - I can now heal from it all.

    Feeling blessed