• ariellaadams 6w

    For My Love I Will

    You are my King
    I will give you the royal treatment
    Without you asking
    I will always keep it real with you
    I will stay loyal to you
    My heart body and soul will only be for you
    No one else will ever come close
    Because I give my all to you
    I will be your strength
    When you feel weak
    I will always lift you up
    When you're down
    I will do my best
    To never let a tear fall from those eyes
    I will do whatever it takes
    To keep a smile on your face
    And joy in your heart
    I will love you flaws and all
    I will protect you
    Stay down for you
    No matter what
    Won't ever give up on you
    I will be your Bonnie to your Clyde
    I will be your Michelle your Barack
    I will be your Coretta to your King
    I will do for you without you asking
    I will tease you
    I will do everything I can to please you
    I will cater to you
    I will show you
    Unconditional love