• salju_s 6w

    You know who loves you.?❤

    The person who does something that inconveniences to them, but doesn't it anyway because it's important to you.
    The person that is always there for you at the end of the day. ��
    The person can't wait to talk to you and listens to every word you say.��
    The person who no matter the mistakes and choices you have made, want to be with you. ��
    The person who you call any time and would drive over to hug you and talk to you. ��
    The person who wipes away your tears and kisses your tear stained cheeks. ��
    The person who would throw everything away, who is there at your back and call. ��
    The person who knows you and knows what you want without asking--------asking--------that's the person that loves you more than life itself. ��
    Forgive the mistakes.. That person will there for you till his last day. ��❤

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    The person who irritates you is always the one who loves very much but fails to express it.