• space_dweller 6w

    Desert O' His

    "It can't be,

    How could I end up here?

    I was young, I couldn't see,

    Will I rot consumed by fear?

    I keep walking,

    But there's no one in sight,

    Endless sun everywhere,

    Yet so little light.

    This can't be it,

    My eyes have turned to dust,

    My ears keep bleeding,

    My skin has grown rust.

    Why must I let it consume me?

    Why must it hurt?

    Why must I let it consume me?

    Why must it hurt?

    No more,

    I want no part in this suffering,

    I won't turn to gore, no,

    Not anymore.

    I won't give you this satisfaction you crave,

    Oh I'll walk,

    That I'll do,

    This means, kind sir: I won't cave in to you.

    Watch me grab christ by the thorns,

    Watch me grab the bull by the horns,

    No more will I spill my blood,

    I'll kindly laugh as he mourns.

    By sheer power of will

    I'll choose my own way to die,

    By not paying the bill

    I'll uncover god's lie.

    Watch me lose glow,

    Watch me consume all,

    Sit and enjoy the show,

    For today I'll walk tall.

    I'll be the singularity,

    The ultimate object in space,

    The one who can quell the heat,

    The one who won't stay in place."

    And so he died in delusion,

    A mind gone with the heat,

    Never reaching a solid conclusion,

    Forever tasting defeat.