• uwloti 10w


    Have you seen
    This love.

    Love which doesn’t care about seasons
    I mean When you love
    With all your heart with no reasons,
    Always happy in that comfort prison
    Where you are taken higher and on
    Till you smell the air into horizon.

    How is
    This love.

    That makes your first nights patient
    And being easier to him becomes prominent
    Just to make him call you competent,
    Before even a minute you change your accent
    As you cry and moan in excitements
    For his energy and confinements.

    How could anyone bring it to comparison
    Yet it’s not a fraction
    To calculate it’s reaction,
    They should know that
    I fell in love with our combination
    To give you what you envy is my obligation.

    Where in the world is
    This Love.

    It’s in the field between our hearts
    It’s into the cure of our hurts
    And in the answers when we feel disconcert,
    Always there for each other in need
    To never let our past wounds bleed
    Indeed we are happy to follow our lead.