• epistlesofapsychopoet 5w

    I am screaming in the four corners of my mind,
    I am scheming that everything is alright,
    I am numbing with this outrageous smile,
    I am aching with the burdens it keeps inside,
    I am wondering why the world goes round,
    I am wandering why life is rough,
    I am fuming with exacerbating flaws,
    I am fuddling with aggravating lost,

    I am cynical
    but more of a cryptic,
    I don't want to sound syncopal,
    but I can't help to be euphoric,
    I want to be phlegmatic,
    but the opposite is pragmatic,
    doing drastic but afraid to be fantastic,

    My skeptism is gnashing my sane being,
    I am being buried,
    bowed over,
    going under,
    under my own skin.