• wildflower85 10w

    One red light town

    Same thing different day
    Waving goodmorning
    Grab a paper
    Mundane and mind numbing
    This little dot on the map
    It ain't much
    Just a one red light town
    See the same sheriff's with coffee every morning at the corner store
    How you been doing good and you
    When I hear that statement for the millionth time
    I scream loud in my mind
    Stop the madness there has got to be more
    More out there more in the world
    More than a one red light town
    A flourishing environment I wish
    Not a place I long to be
    Break free from the trap
    The longing to succeed
    The acceptance of mediocre
    I can never
    The one red light town was good though
    Sheltered me from the boogie man under the bed
    Quiet chirp of crickets
    Drown the sound of a noisy city
    Dust settles on the road as I reach pavement
    The one red light town will always be remembered