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    I recommend this product to all my clients - especially to those with horses that have problem feet, but also to those without, as it is an excellent prevention for fungal growth. I find it helps particularly with white line disease which attacks the inner-most layer of the hoof wall. By applying the Blue Thrush Paint, it kills and prevents it from becoming a proper seedy toe case, where one would have to resect the foot. I've had a horse with severe seedy toe where the infection was just below the coronary band and I used the paint with great success. A seedy toe case like that would have taken a year to recover, whereas this case was resolved in 6 months, essentially halving the recovery period. I also use it for a lot of my barefoot horses as it helps to harden the foot, especially on white feet which tend to be a bit weaker than black feet.

    - Fletcher Robinson. Farrier in Port Elizabeth