• emopoet 5w


    I've been here long enough
    Waiting for you to return
    But I think I honestly
    Don't know why it doesn't burn
    I thought the flames of solitude
    Should burn me to my fate
    But I guess my darling
    The combustion happened a bit late
    For now I'm in this fire
    Feeling it's desire
    Coursing through my veins
    Now, I remember I'm a Phoenix
    You thought I was a boomerang
    Who'll come back every time
    But I realise now my dear
    That I wasn't worth a dime
    The leash is now broken
    I'm never coming back
    I threw away that token
    My soul completely black
    But never forget my dear
    For I'll prove it to you
    That every unwilling departure
    Is for a final return
    And when I'm done with you
    Everything will be upturned
    When you see that day
    Remember you burned a Phoenix