• jeevant 5w

    Hatred is a disease, which is not inherited.
    It gradually builds up in an individual (overtime); he/she is not aware that hatred inhabited them, a seed sown in their childhood deep inside, sunken in their heart are roots of dislikes of colored, different backgrounds, different status, and so on.
    It can/can't be cured, is a thing which depends upon the mindset of the individual.
    It is just as same as 'you can't revive a rotten apple; all you can do is change the aesthetic appearance but it just won't taste as sweet as before'.
    Only soul can quench soul,
    And only love can inspire others,
    As a matter of fact, hatred has become a part of people who have a wrong sense of 'Rights' or an easier way is to say 'Privilege'.

    "Racism hasn't worsen, it's just getting filmed now." - Will Smith

    This shouldn't even be a matter of discussion,
    It is a matter of taking immediate action!
    Action is required. People of color need to feel safe. The streets aren't warm enough to accept POC.
    This matter not only concerns the present, but also the future generations! White privilege needs to be corrected, not only in its meaning but also in the action and practice!

    One individual can't do enough, 'we' should be the part of justice. Justice for George Floyd.
    #GeorgeFloyd #justice

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